Weekend Sale

I’m sad to see the weather changing to chillier temps. (Yes, I love the heat) but on the other hand the weekend is here.



Let’s celebrate with 25% off the entire store at www.seriously-nails.myshopify.com

A great way to stock up on crystals for the coming months, which will be filled with lots of special holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Drop on by and find some bling for the holiday season.

Designscape class by OPI at Gemini Cosmetics/Reno



The Gemini Cosmetics Mission Statement:
“We believe so strongly that to achieve continued success for our Nail Techs, we need to build a community of education and support for your business. We have been working hard over the years to help our customers achieve their highest potential. We not only provide you with the best products available, we also provide the technical support and education needed to reach your goals. It is our goat that Gemini Cosmetics be a gathering place not just for great products, but a place where you can come and get new ideas, answers to questions and anything else needed to support your business.”
As part of Gemini Cosmetics Mission statement, they will be holding a OPI Designscape class at the Reno location on Oct 24 from 9 till noon with a demo/play date in the afternoon!
The Designscape class will teach you new nail art techniques inspired by OPI’s fall collection, DC Series, featuring the beautiful Kerry Washington. This is a hands on class with lots of fun to be had.
You can sign up for this class by contacting them at 775-359-3663. The store is located at 1380 Greg St, Ste 209, Sparks, Nevada

CND’s “Starstruck” Collection swatches


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More of these incredibly sparkly, glittery colors from CND’s fall collection called “Starstruck” I wish the camera would pickup all the tiny gleaming bits in these nail colors!

Blushing Topaz

Blushing Topaz

I think this one will do very well this fall season because it leans towards the rose gold craze that I see right now. (And, hey, I’m right on the train with everyone else on this one!!!)

Emerald Lights

Emerald Lights

I recently read in Nails magazine some advice from nail techs about what color are essential for fall/winter. A dark forest green was definitely one of them. This color does not disappoint in the deep richness department.


While Emerald Lights is definitely in the top for richness and glitter, Garnet Glamour is right beside it. I couldn’t even really get a good shot of it. It is so full of tiny glitter that it gives the illusion of being inches thick!

Available at fine distributors and at your favorite professional nail salon.

Find out more at www.cnd.com

Important challenges in our nail industry.


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Yesterday, Associated Nail Professionals (ANP) offered a free webinar featuring industry scientist, Doug Schoon. Doug has over 30 years of experience in the science of nails and the products associated with our industry.


Even though I was lucky enough to attend one of him informative classes, I was very interested to hear what he had to say.



He spoke of the 3 of the most important challenges that he see’s facing nail technicians today.

  1. Confused technology – while Mr. Schoon has never pointed a finger at anyone, he did say that how we describe parts of the nail vary from person to person.
from Doug Schoon's Facebook page

from Doug Schoon’s Facebook page

The perfect example he gave was the “cuticle” and he gave us this image of the proper terminology of the parts of a nail and where it is located on the human body.

2. Another challenge is keeping the clients nails as healthy as possible.  He cited using the proper products for removal, and to remember that there is actually a science to each manufacturers system. That is why it is important to use each system inclusively of itself!

3. Attention to safety was the final challenge. As professional nail technicians, we must know what each product does, and how to use it properly and safely (using gloves to prevent overexposure of products for example). Also how to use the mechanical products in our industry. Knowing the difference between a UV cure lamp and a LED cure lamp, and how it affects the products. Knowing the proper protective equipment to use in the salon as well. For example, the proper dust masks. Or ventilation system.

You can learn so much from Doug and he is available on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/doug.schoon?fref=ts

Associated Nail Professionals is a organization for nail techs, offering discount partners, educational forums (like Doug’s video) plus other benefits, like insurance for your business.

If you are interested in joining ANP you can find out more information about them at https://www.nailprofessional.com/

CND “Starstruck” color swatches.


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Here are three colors from CND’s “Starstruck” collection that became available in September.

For us nail tech’s that LOVE glitter, this collection has it for us!!!


Dark Diamonds


Starry Sapphire


Alluring Amethyst

They all have deep rich color as well as different shapes and sizes of glitter to give you the multi-dimensional effect.

Dont’ you just feel like you could fall into these colors. They definitely have the proper name for the collection!

More to come soon.

Chrome questions.


In one of the Facebook groups I am in, the discussion started about how to make the perfect chrome nail.

I have NOT perfected this but the discussion took on a life of it’s own! lol

Patti and I went back and forth about such things as cure time, what to use to burnish the powder in etc.

I threw it out there about the grit used for finish filing. And here were the results of the experiment that I did.


This nail is file finished with a 150 grit file. No buffing.


This nail was finish filed with a 280 grit buffer. Originally, I thought to use a 400 grit but then realized that the gel color might not want to stick to the enhancement.

For both these looks, I used OPI’s Black Onyx for the base color, Akzentz No Wipe Top Coat, and Wildflower Academy Chrome powder. I cure the top coat for 15 secs in a LED light before burnishing in the powder and then cured the last top coat for 30 secs in the same light. I did apply two coats of chrome as well.

I think that there is the tiniest bit of difference with the finish filing being done with the 280 grit buffer and I would do this just to appease my OCD mind! lol

What do you lovelies think???

Happy Friday :)


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