Swarovski® Crystal Beauty Academy


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Hello Arizona! I’m please to introduce to you the first ever Arizona Swarovski Certified Nail Artists!

AZ class 1.21.18

(Starting back left)

Cookie Ceballos at Polish Me Nail Boutique, Jessica Chu at Modern Beauty Bar, Gail Owsley from Dewey AZ, Christina Sims and Pam Kempf at Kreated Nail Envy, David Dang also at Modern Beauty Bar, Sheera Gersh at Addicted to Nails, Marisa Arvizu at Nails by Marisa Elana and Brandy Sucher at Altered Ego Salon & Spa

The class was great fun with lots of creativity flowing, sharing of ideas (and supplies) with gracious attendees.

Congratulations to you all! I feel proud and happy to have been part of it!

IBS Las Vegas 2017 with DreamTime Creations!



I’m super excited to be working with Dreamtime Creations coming up at IBS Las Vegas at the end of the month!PrintJune 24 – 26th I will be working with them at their booth #2066

Dreamtime Creations is heaven on earth for those of us who LOVE to bling things out! I will be doing demonstrations of nail art incorporating Swarovski Crystals. How fun to come by the booth and have me add sparkle to your nail for your enjoyment!


I would love to share with you techniques for creating such pretty things as these!


You can find your perfect crystals at http://www.dreamtimecreations.com/

Arizona State License


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So today, I go to a class to learn about the state board of Arizona to learn the rules and regulations for AZ nail techinicains. This will complete my reciprocity requirements so I can work legally work her in Arizona!

I am looking forward to this because it is different from state to state.

Knowing that I am going to the state board, I thought I should have nice nails. So here they are taken with the practice nail I did before actually doing them on myself.

practice nail_edited

I think I should call them “Smoke and Mirrors” The mirror part from the Swarovski crystals of course. Any other suggestions?

I was just saying to my hubby that I love pure white nails as a base for classy nail art except that they look like they need re doing almost right away. That is the reasoning behing using Gel Color on top of uncured top coat to create a smoke or marble look!.

I don’t have to fill them as soon as I would normally had to!!!

I’m sure I will tell you all about my class at AZ State Board after today!

PS. I had to go back and fix my pinkie finger after I saw the dull looking finish on it!!!! LOL


What’s your go to?


I was wondering what your go to nail art is for fast, effective and pretty nail art? Like if your client is late but still wants something pretty, what do you do?

Or when you get into a creative slump?

I found one of the simplest and very effective forms of nail art can be done by utilizing gel colors consistency (kind of like oil paints…slippery and blend able).

2017-05-27 18.45.11

For this look I did a base color coat and cured it (over a cured base coat of course), then added the same base color coat with dots of two other colors of gel color and used a dotting tool to smoosh them together.

Cure, top coat, your done!

Drop me a line and let me know what your secret go to is!

ProSpa Protective Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream


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Recently, OPI has launched it’s new ProSpa line. A lovely, skin care inspired line to treat your hands and feet to facial quality manicures and pedicures.


One of the products caught my eye. Well a couple actually, but today, I wanted to tell you about the new thing I learned about ProSina. One of the ingredients in the ProSpa Protective Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream.

prospa hand

So, this is what I learned. ProSina is, as described by Croda:


Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Croda in-cosmetics global 2017

Hydrolyzed keratin. Is made using a mild proprietary process which leaves the natural cystine content of the keratin in an active, S-sulpho, form. It is the high proportion of these groups that enables it to cross link with the keratin in nails resulting in an increase in the integrity and cohesion of the nail plate. Capable of moisturizing the skin and strengthening the nails. Used in hand as well as nail creams, barrier preparations, foot treatments, creams, lotions-skin care, feet, hands, nails and nail color.

I guess you learn something new every day right!

Happy long weekend to you all. Be safe!

Every little bit counts!


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Say you would debating that OPI purchase at your local Salon Centric store. Not quite sure if your pocket book will take it?

Well, I know that every little bit counts so I am happy to share that today at your local Salon Centric, you can get 20% off OPI products.


As well as the opportunity to talk with a OPI educator about all their products! Including the new ProSpa!!!!


Contact you store for more details!


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