Well, Christmas is still happening here in Las Vegas! No, actually I just received my third Black Box from Cult Cosmetics today.


I think I must have signed up at the wrong time because to me the colors like very Christmas-y! Oh well, it is always fun to try new colors. And I got some fun dotting tools with this one.

CIMG2123_markedI received 5 of them in this months box. All different sized balls at the end to get different effects.



I also like the design in the tool itself. Kind of whimsical.

The colors, like I said look Christmas like to me, but I will see what I can do with them for more relevant nail art.

The colors are “El Matador”, a creamy rich blue based red.

“Stay Gold” which is a clear based glittery gold. I will use a thick coat to get solid coverage.

“Boneyards” is a deep satin medium grey that I love! I will use this one a lot!

CIMG2124_markedThe lacquer as pictured are Stay Gold, Boneyards, and El Matador! The kit also includes techniques for doing different art with the dotting tools!  I will whip something up for you folks asap.

Happy January!