On the morning news, they had a segment about jobs. About what type of jobs that are the most desirable for 2014.

Below are descriptions of what jobs were going to be popular and well paid for this upcoming year. I think I know which one we fit into!


high tech (uncountable)

  1. high technology; the most advanced technology available


high touch (plural high touches)

  1. Dealing with or interacting with a human being as opposed to transacting with computers or through high tech.
  2. Human interaction.
  3. Having a high awareness of human complexity, having empathy.

As you can see, high tech jobs and high touch jobs are both hot right now and making good money.

They actually mentioned Nail Technology as a leading job for 2014. This because we are literally so high touch.

We take care of people physicalyl as well as mentally and emotionally!

Yeah for us that the world is recognizing us a being more than just a manicurist!


Sorry Madge!