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I was trying to figure out why nail art has become such a huge part of the nail world.
And, I have come to realize that the boom in nail art is easily explained.
While I was flying to Long Beach to go to the International Salon and Spa Expo, I had the perfect opportunity to check out every bodies nails. (Captive audience you know.)
The gal sitting beside me had some fun “drip nail art”. Black nails with the drip art work on just three nails.  The others were matte black with a clear top coat on her tips.individuality

She was dressed in combat boots, bright blue pants, black leather jacket. She had on the coolest bright blue eye shadow I have seen since the 70’s. Very cool!
It occurred to me then, that nail art is another way to express our individuality. It lets us tell a story about who we are. Maybe just for that moment (Or till your next nail appointment!)
But it made me happy. I like that we can let a little bit of our personality shine through in a almost ubiquitous way.
And just like we change and grow as we get older, we can change our nail art!
Hmmm, I like it!