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One of the newest crazes in nail lacquer is a matte texture lacquer. Whether it is a matte top coat that completely changes regular nail lacquer or the high breeds that dry completely matte. These beauties will save time for professional nail technicians wanting to do trendy new nail art as well as our at home DYI-ers.

Basically, it is a regular polish that dries matte in texture, so it gives you the option of leaving it as such, or maybe putting top coat on one nail for a “statement” nail. Or, possibly putting top coat on just the tips for yet another twist on french mani’s! I find this new trend fun, and intriguing. It’s like they are giving us a whole other canvas of possibilities. I know there are many more artisits out there that will be able to greatly expand on art with matte nail lacquers!

A fun thing I found the other day was BMW’s matte colors for their cars.

Of course, the first thing I saw was matte lacquer!

Check out the similarities…maybe not a perfect match but pretty darn close!


BMW-2013 650i Gran Coup Frozen  Edition



It's all San Andrea's Fault-OPI Liquid Sand

It’s all San Andrea’s Fault-OPI Liquid Sand


BMW M3 Frozen Edition


Wharf Wharf-OPI Liquid Sand

Tiffany Blue-OPI Liquid Sand

A little nod to our friend, Peter A in Scottsdale! Thougt you might like this post!