Oh WHY didn’t I use Glitter Off base coat?????

Glitter Off -  HELP!

Glitter Off – HELP!

This is my third time around with cotton and remover! UGGGH!!!

What is even crazier is that I did a post earlier about how Glitter Off works and why we should use it!

The link to the  post I had written earlier about this new product from OPI is here http://seriouslynails.com/?p=1405

But, basically, it is a base coat that you apply before that much beloved and much feared GLITTER POLISH!

I love anything glittery, so when I saw this product, I was really excited.

Lovely sparkly glittery polishes

Lovely sparkly glittery polishes

It is a base coat that you lay down before applying your favorite (and yet so HARD to remove) glitter polish. Then when you are ready, you just find a little piece of the base coat that you cn get your fingerail (or any tiny sharp object) under and peel off the polish.

My hero - Glitter Off by OPI

My hero – Glitter Off by OPI

Very cool right! I think so.

Then a lady on my Facebook page suggested that Elmer’s Glue would do the same thing.

So, I looked around the internet and saw that some other folks were saying the same thing.

Then I thought “Why not go to the source?”. I emailed OPI and asked them what the difference was.

This is what they have to say

“Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat is made with a unique blend of polymers.  The blend does contain the familiar polyvinyl acetate found in craft glue.  However, that is where the similarity ends.  The special Glitter Off  polymer blend enhances adhesion to the nail while also providing an appropriate base for glitter polishes … something that craft glue alone can’t do.  Long lasting glitter polish and a peelable base coat in one – this is the Glitter Off difference!”

I don’t blame anyone for being crafty and trying such things as Elmer Glue as a base for glittery polishes. But there is one thing that I have learned over the years.

There are just some things that are better left to the pro’s. They always seem to have that one extra thing in their ingredients that at home formulas just don’t have.

A perfect example of this is when folks use straight acetone to remove gel color at home. Yes, it surely works and really quickly but as we know, it is super dehydrating to your nails and surrounding tissues. Professional gel color removers have emollients built in to moisturize your nails and cuticles during gel color removal!

Gel Color solvent with built in Emollients

Gel Color solvent with built in Emollients

A little information to help us gals that love sparkly polish make it easier to get off. Thank goodness!

I guess I should have taken my own advice!!