When I was doing the preview of LOOK Style Society, I met the Operations Manager, Niko.


He offered me a greatly discounted price on a pedicure. Well that got me going.

I haven’t had a professional pedicure for just over a year. And since I am heading to Canada to help my Mom recoup from back surgery and to visit my friends (it’s been 3 1/2 years since I was up there), I thought I should give myself a treat.

I booked the appointment online. This is just so civilized. You can pick the time and who you want to do the service. If they are available you sign in and your ready to go.

I arrived and the front end gal greeted me and checked me in.

Darlene came up front and introduced herself. A very nice lady. She took me to the back where my pedi-bath was ready, got me settled in and gave me some water.

my cozy pedicure corner

my cozy pedicure corner

I decided that I would go for the SOCIETY PEDICURE. “This pedicure service soothes exhausted muscles and restores balance using a exclusive massage technique designed by an expert dance therapist.”

relaxing with a mask and warm towels

relaxing with a mask and warm towels

I won’t go through all the steps, but I have to tell you, Darlene gave me the best foot and leg massage. I am not one for “fluffly” massages. I like it when you can feel the knots getting worked out!

She was also very thorough in cleaning up my cuticles, and even more so when applying the polish. There is nothing worse than leaving a pedicure appointment with polish all over your toes!

I would highly recommend Darlene for her pedicure savvy.




The space for pedicures is semi private and does have curtains that can be drawn for even more privacy. A large selection of ESSIE color were available. And even though I had brought my own, I decided to go with a ESSIE color.

a large selection of ESSIE colors to choose from

a large selection of ESSIE colors to choose from

I thought it would be a perfect base color for nail art. I am trying to master the ‘one stoke’ method of flowers. What do you think?


one stroke nail art attempt!

one stroke nail art attempt!


Give yourself a treat and head over the LOOK Style Society for any of their wonderful treatments.

I’m taking these toes to Canada!!!!

Darlene Gahagan – Manicurist

C-702 281-9337

LOOK Style Society

6539 Las Vegas Blvd South, Suite 110

Las Vegas NV 89119