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Trind, Natural Nail Care company offers just over 50 nail lacquer colors for your perfect manicures.

A small sample of Trind's pretty color selections.

A small sample of Trind’s pretty color selections.


The TRIND Caring Color nail polishes are more than just decorative. We have added special ingredients, which naturally adhere to the nail surface and improve the condition of the nails. You will benefit from stronger, faster growing nails.

First thing I noticed about Trind nail lacquers is the gorgeous bottles! I don’t remember seeing anything quite so classy and pretty in regards to polish packaging!



And besides the wonderful natural nail care system they offer, the company also gives us a nice selection of nail lacquers. I am showing just 5 of the them. I went from a simple “french” color to a classic red color!

Two things that I would like to mention. Besides the bottles being beautiful, the extra long handle on the lid of the bottle actually helps you with stability when polishing. LOVE that!

And, secondly, the pigmentation was very good in all the lacquers I tried. All of these swatches are with a base coat, top coat and 2 coats of color!

I hope you enjoyed them.

Thank you to NOVA BEAUTY, Victoria, BC Canada for supplying these wonderful colors for me to swatch and share with all the fine Nail Enthusiasts out there. Professionals can contact them at

6-601 Bolenskine Rd, Victoria BC, CA, V8Z 1C5



CC104 Classic french base color. Not too pink and not too yellow.


CC155 A opal essence green tinged shimmer. I like this one a lot because it’s kind of retro!


CC179 The perfect mauve cream. Also a great “nuetral” for nail art!


CC190 VIBRANT purple cream. Great spring/summer color.


CC115 The classic cream red. So beautiful.