Finally, I found a perfect perfect polish to help me with stamping.

I simply could not get the whole stamping thing down. Now some people like Nail Stamp Fanatic are fabulous at it. And she even gave me a great suggestions when I was first struggling.

See older blog post at http://seriouslynails.com/?p=652

But still I was not doing it right. Then I read somewhere that Mentality Nail Polish out of California made special stamping polishes. So I took a chance and order them.

Finally, I got around to using one of them. Here is my stamping plate.





And, YES, I finally can stamp on nail art! WOOP WOOP!





The consistency is thicker than normal polish but in a good way. Not cakey like when your polish dries out. Fluid, more like runny fudge mixture. (Sorry for the bad analogy!)




LOVE is all I can say!

You can order online and they have free domestic shipping in the USA.