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No not the movie, but a wonderful way to speed up your services.

Recently, at the Cosmoprof North America show in Las Vegas, I met with a young man named Andrew Hung. He represents a company called WS Industries.



They are a manufacturer, importer and distributor of professional nail equipment. They are the home of Pro Tool Nail, Ki Ki, FIORI, and Adventek products.

At his booth was one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time.

As nail techs, we all want to be more efficient in what we are doing. Well if you are using a UV Lamp and wanted to convert or transform your existing lamp for a more efficient service time, try out these little devils!



Simply replace your existing UV bulbs with either a 6W or 9W LED bulb. (Depends on what your product needs to cure!) The plug in is the same as your UV bulb but the LED light will give you quicker results!

Hey, a service done with curing time as little as 2 minutes compared to 7 minutes. Seems like a bright idea to me. (sorry for the bad joke!)

http://www.wsnails.com is the website for more information.