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I met a lovely lady the other day and in our conversation, we started talking about nails.

She was wearing a very pretty french manicure with a coppery bronze twist. It was coppery bronze sparkle at her free edge and then a pretty clear to complete the look.Charlene style nails

She asked me, why sometimes, when she is getting her gels done and she puts her hand into cure, that there is a “burning” sensation on her nail bed.

I told her that there could be many different reasons. I thought I would share them with you as well.

To begin with she was wearing a structured nail. This is different from the newest craze in nail care, gel polish. Although they both require a uv source to cure them, the chemical make up is different.

One of the reasons for her burning sensation could be that her nail technician accidentally applied too much product at one time. Once you put your hands into the light source to cure, it starts a chemical reaction. UV Cured systems (either structured or gel polish) require a UV light source in conjunction with photo-initiators in the gel that lets them start to cure.gel nail application

If there is too much product on a nail, then, basically, there is too much action in one spot. This causes the “burning” sensation.





uv gel lamp

One more reason is if your nail technician is using a new light source or has new bulbs in her existing UV light source. Its kinda like when you put additives in your fuel. It ups the octane level to make your engine run better. New lights=better performance which can equal quicker initiation of curing in gels.

uv light bulbs









Another reason is if you have sensitive nails. Either naturally sensitive nails, or from some type of internal (health issues) or external damage to your nail bed. If your natural nail has been compromised, then using any type of enhancement may have some level of discomfort. Please don’t be afraid of using enhancements just because of this statement.


licenced nail tech

If you are going to a licensed nail technician, then they should know if your nails are compromised past the point of being able to enhance them. Make sure your “tech” is licensed in your state or province (where applicable) and up to date on current health, safety and most importantly sanitization standards.



As a professional nail technician, I always welcomed clients inquiries into my sanitization policies, as well and what products I used. If you aren’t getting a straight answer from your prospective nail ‘tech’, MOVE ON!


On this point, please do not continue using any type of treatment on your nails (or hair or skin for that matter) if you are experiencing pain. Especially if you or your nail technician notice changes in your natural nail or the surrounding areas.

Now that I have cloaked this blog in doom and gloom, I want to point out that nail care in general and artificial nail enhancements are a wonderful things.


They can make you feel dressed to the “nines” even when you are in your PJ’s.

blog pjs_edited





They can show a different side of you. Whether you are a closet ” rocker” or just love classically, neat, tidy and well groomed nails.










Or whether it is a mad dash into the salon to get a quick fix up for that important meeting that makes you feel that “Yes, I am ready for this!”

ready for it pro woman


They can make us feel polished and completely put together!

Besides, who doesn’t like spending a hour with someone who is holding your hand and giving you some undivided attention?




Thank you Charlene for the blog idea!