Earlier, I decided to institute a monthly blog post to introduce to you people from the industry.

A blog post in a simple, quick, informative format that hopefully introduces you to the folks who are the backbone of this industry.

Up and comers, industry leaders, manufacturers, educators or artist that all share our love of Nails.

This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to a young lady that I follow on social media. She is definitely a “Up and Comer” in the world of nails.

With a flair for the creative in different mediums,

pic from Twitter/@karaleenails

pic from Twitter/@karaleenails

she shows her true artistic self on many different social media platforms.

pic from @karaleenails

pic from @karaleenails

As well as being featured in Nails Magazine and Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery.

pic from Twitter/@karaleenails

pic from Twitter/@karaleenails

I am please to introduce to you, Karalee Chabot.

pic from Karalee

pic from Karalee

Q & A with Karalee Chabot

SN: How long have you been a nail tech?

KC: I graduated from Nail School in February of 2013.

SN: You have been featured many times in NAILS Magazine and NAILS Magazine Nail Art Gallery. What was the date of your first ever edition of NAILS Magazine, and when did you first appear in it?

KC: I entered NAILS Magazine’s “Godzilla” nail art contest in late February 2014 and was informed by Hannah from NAILS Magazine on my birthday (03/03 of 2014) that my nails were being featured in the May 2014 issue. This was the first issue of NAILS Magazine I ever received.

SN: When did you start to do the NAILS Magazine 30 day nail art challenges?

KC: According to Instagram, my first entry was 43 weeks ago, so I believe that was around January/February 2014.

SN: What is your favorite medium to work with?

KC: Acrylic paint on Acrylic enhancements.

SN: Tell us your best/favorite client memory.

KC: I can’t say I have a specific memory. However, there’s nothing more rewarding to me then making clients tear up because they’re so pleased with their nails and nail art.

SN: What has been the best piece of advice you have received with regards to the nail industry?

KC: There are a lot of quotes for nail technicians that are posted all over social media. There’s a lot one can gain mentally and spiritually from most of these quotes.

SN: What is the percentage of your customers that get nail art?

KC: 98%! But I get that 2% to get nail art by giving them a little something “on the house” and believe it or not, most of the time they become frequent customers requesting nail art. hehe!

SN: How do you manage to be so creative, run your business and take care of your darling daughter? Any secrets that you would like to share with other working nail technicians?

KC: I have always been a creative person, I am an artist. I just took a while to find a way to utilize my talent and make a career out of it. I run my business as a hobby, I have a lot of passion for what I do. Nail art is extremely therapeutic for me. I have also come to figure out that by working based on appointments rather than working 9 to 5 suits me. This schedule I have created for myself has made is so much easier to balance time for my lovely daughter and still have some down time to work on projects for NAILS magazine. Advice for other passionate people out there, no matter what it is you do, don’t turn your hobby into work,  you may end up hating it and give up. Be positive and think to yourself, “I’m not going to work,  I’m going to do what I love most and what I do best”. This industry can tear you to pieces, but only if you let it! 

SN: If you could do one persons nails, either living or passed, who would it be? What would you do for them in Nail Art?

KC: Nicki Minaj! She’s so creative and passionate about her music and fashion. She has that shock factor that I believe I have with my creativity in nail art and would be honored to complete her look with one of my wild off the top nail designs.

Thank you Karalee for sharing your passion and insight about the nail industry. I look forward to many more of your designs on digits.

Here is a special treat for you readers. Besides her perfect portrait of Nicki Minaj, Karalee did a Nicki Minaj Anaconda inspired set of nails. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in a magazine soon!

 pic from @karaleenails

pic from @karaleenails

#anacondanails #nickiminaj

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