Although I have never had a guest blogger, I have been able to post for another blogger while she was away.

It was a fun experience. A little scary because you are reaching out to different people than the ones who already follow you. And because you want to make sure to do a good job for the person who asked you.

But all in all, it was a really great experience. I also gained a couple of new followers from doing it.

WIN WIN right!

I am going to be in Canada visiting my family and friends for just about two weeks. I will be setting up my blog so that you will have fun and interesting things to read about while I am gone, but I also thought it might be a great time for someone else to play with my followers. Telling them what is going on in their “nail” world, or maybe some great nail art tricks.

I have followers from all over the world. Lots in the UK, Brazil, Canada and even in the UAE. So for any one who wants to come and play on my blog to share their own brand of “nail love”, please let me know at info@seriouslynails.com

I hope that we can spread the love and share some info here on Seriously Nails while I am away on holidays.

Thanks, Shannon

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