I am re-posting this to share the direct link to get the Mini Manor for yourself. The marketing company for Ciate sent me a link so we can all enjoy this wonderful Christmas gift idea!

Please see below for the link!


I follow a lovely young gal in Dorset, UK. She is in the process of going to nail tech school, so we will soon have another passionate nail artist to enjoy.

From across the pond, but I believe she will do wonderfully.

To give credit where credit is due, Elbie retweeted from Selfridges.com a post about this fun and charming gift idea.

pic fromwww.uk.pinteret.com/malloryhilts

pic fromwww.uk.pinteret.com/malloryhilts

From Selfridges.Com site this is the product overview:

Ciaté’s Mini Mani Manor is the ultimate colour-packed countdown for the festive season – your very own merry mansion! What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than with 24 days’ worth of festive manicure goodies. This fairy-tale worthy advent calendar is an absolute must-have for any nail polish lover – you’ll find it hard not to open every window at once. Ciaté Mini Mani Manor includes 17 of Ciaté’s most popular shades including Mistress, Amazing Gracie and Cupcake Queen, five exclusive textured polishes, one exclusive full size Paint Pot and one set of festive nail transfers. Mini Mani Manor comes in three different variations; which one will you discover? Step inside the wonderful Mini Mani Manor and start your Christmas with Ciaté!

The cost is 49 pounds or roughly $80 US. They do ship to the US, the cost is another $40 US (appr)

What a wonderful idea! For those of us obsessed with polish! One might consider this getting shipped here!

A direct link for the product can be found here https://www.ciatelondon.com/uk/mini-mani-manor

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Thanks to Elbie and Selfridges.

For some interesting info on Selfridges click this link! http://seriouslynails.com/?p=655