Dadi’Oil from Famous Names. We all know it and love it. The feel, texture and scent. They all work perfectly for professionals and the everyday gal as well.

2014-10-08 Big Dadi Image 280x187.jpg 

Dadi’Oil is made with 95% certified organic products including avocado, olive, jojoba and vitamin E.

The fresh and rejuvinating scent of Dadi’Oil is also made of 21 essential oils. It is non greasy and absorbs quickly!

A new, larger size will be on USA shelves Monday, October 13, 2014 and you will be able to place your orders from Famous Names website on the same day.

Soon to be available in 6 ounces….yes, 6 ounces!

Such a great way for us professionals to get the benefits of Dadi’Oil in a larger size!

Go to http://www.famousnamesproducts.com