This past Monday, I had the pleasure of participating with The Battle of the Strands in the Pamper Party Room. I enjoyed meeting and pampering some industry professionals, press people and beauty bloggers.

To my surprise one of the attendees is a lady I follow in social media. Deirdre from Ask the Pro Stylist

Deirdre from "Ask The Pro Stylist"

Deirdre from “Ask The Pro Stylist”

In reality, it was through Deirdre’s honest and helpful information that I was able to clearly start my journey to publishing this blog.

Deirdre wrote a quick blog post about our meeting and the effects of good communication with your nail technician to get the perfect manicure. You can read it here.

Well, her article got me thinking about the power of communication and social media.

Who would have ever thought that a professional writer/beauty blogger from New York, that I follow on social media, would end up sitting at my manicure table at a event in Las Vegas

Can you see the potential power of good communication through social media? It can close the gap between professionals in all fields. And it can close the gap between you and your existing or potential clients as well.

Social media can work wonders for promoting your salon. You can use social media to let the world know what events are happening at your salon. Did you get a fabulous new technician? Are you holding a event for awareness that you would like the community to know about? Social media can deliver this for you at minimal cost to you in both time and money!

As well as being a fabulous source of inspiration for you in such things as nail art, business decor, professional techniques and product knowledge.

Here is my advice. Find someone who you admire, someone who has the knowledge and work ethics that you aspire towards. Find them on social media and follow them. Take the information and knowledge they have offered and run with it.

Social media allows us to grow in all aspects of life and business. Let’s use the power of good communication and social media to become better professionals.

Thanks to Nanci Spencer of Lacqit

for the connection to Deirdre and thank you Deirdre for giving me the straight forward information that got me started in beauty blogging!