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Yesterday I got to treat myself to a pedicure! Yeah! As Nail Tech’s, we never seem to take care of ourselves so when I got a gift card for one of my favorite salons in Las Vegas, I jumped at the chance.

Head over to LOOK Style Society and see Darlene for the best pedi you can get. She has hands of a angel. She gave me such a great massage!

Anyways, the reason I am writing this is to tell you about the machine she used for the paraffin wax treatment portion of my pedicure (included in the Society Pedicure!)

I may be out of the loop, but I have never seen a machine like this.


Perfect Scents Heating Pod

Perfect Scents Heating Pod


No cords, or batteries. You just place the PerfectTemp Heater Pouch in the middle of the machine, pour in the package of AromaVapor, then put the booties (or hand gloves) into the slots on the side of that. Close the ‘pod’ and within 10 minutes you have the paraffin wax in the glove all perfectly heated and ready for use. The added benefit of the vapors that are produced give a extra touch to your service!

You NEVER touch the wax! It is already in the glove or booty!

It all happens through a chemical reaction produced when you pour the liquid AromaVapor into the pouch.

I think it is the coolest and cleanest way of having paraffin services in your salon!

The pod is sold separate from the Nourishment Packets.


Paraffin nourishment packettes

And there are different choices of scents for the wax itself. You can have Invigorate, Lavender or Neutral.

Neutral allows you to add your own special mixture of essential oils to the service. Perfect for customizing mani or pedi services!

AromaVapor Solutions

AromaVapor Solutions

Here is a link to a video that you can watch to see this amazing system!

Also available at this website is foot and hand warmers to extend the length of time in the wax gloves!