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I am super excited now that I signed up for a couple of classes at ISSE Long Beach coming up in just under 2 weeks.

First class I will take is with Adam Tran.


from Nails Magazine

“Think outside the Box” will be about opening your mind to become the best nail artist you can be. Adam will be inspiring nail techs to come out of the regular salon mind set. To realize your potential as more than just a manicurist!

doug schoon

from Linkedin Doug Schoon


I will be attending complimentary nail classes with some more industry greats including Doug Schoon (Scientist extraordinaire) , and hopefully I will be able to catch Greg Salo from Young Nails do his energetic magic along the way (I’m not sure about my timing yet!)

from Pinterest

from Pinterest Greg Salo

Finally I will be attending a class with the UK’s Sam Biddle to become a Certified ORLY GEL FX Instant Artist.

from www.sambiddle.co.uk

from www.sambiddle.co.uk

Like the above mentioned great nail artists,  Sam has years of experience in our wonderful field. I look forward to meeting them all (some of them again) and get some great insight to share with you!