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If you saw my post yesterday, you read that I was doing water marbling. Which I find challenging. Most likely because it takes patience! LOL

Well, since I completed them with out killing any one or any thing, I wanted to share them with you lovely folks.

Seattle SeaHawks nails by Seriously Nails

Seattle SeaHawks nails by Seriously Nails

Too bad they lost Super Bowl 49. Even though I am sad about that, it was a good game. Not too one sided so it definitely wasn’t boring!

Mr. Nail Art has some very good gems, foils, decals, glitter and nail art tools like piercing tools!

from Mr. Nail Art

from Mr. Nail Art

But the COOLEST thing he has to date is these little led lights that you actually in-case in your nails.

@mrnailart led lights

@mrnailart led lights

Now here is the coolest part of this “fanicure” (thanks Sigourney!). I did mine in acrylic but I have seen it done with gel as well.

Here is a little video of the final effect. My apologies for the grainy video. This is my newest learning curve!

The lights get their power from the signals that your phone emits when in the “NFC” mode. (the mode used to transfer data from phone to phone!)

These little things are simply the coolest! Here is a video from the super talented @nailartbysig sporting some seriously fun nails to show her Katy Perry love!

Thanks Sigourney for sharing your video with us! And thanks to Mr. Nail Art for giving us a seriously cool new nail art toy!

Go to http://www.mrnailart.com/ to shop till your little nail art enthusiasts hearts desire is pleased!

You can follow Sigourney on Instagram at http://instagram.com/nailartbysig