I had the pleasure to meet a lovely young gal when I attended ISSE Long Beach this last January.

Well, it turned out that I got the chance to have lunch with her while am here in Arizona.

Bloggers enjoying the networking in Arizona!

Bloggers enjoying the networking in Arizona!

Shawna, blogger from http://MomMrsandMe.blogspot.com met with me today and we talked, laughed, and ate. She also gave me a lot of great information about Indie Polishes (Independant Polish Companies)

Shawna’s goal with her blog, in part, is to spread the word about good indie polish brands that she has swatched and written about.

One of the nicest parts of her blog posts are her pictures. Great photos. I was so pleased that she shared with me how she gets them with cool lens that you can use on your phone.

from MomMrsAndMe.blogspot.com

from MomMrsAndMe.blogspot.com

I also greatly appreciate her honesty and integrity. She writes with enthusiasm about products that she believes in. And I believe that makes her blog outstanding.

I am so glad we got to hang out, eat and chat for a little while. I hope to see her again soon. Maybe in my neck of the woods.

PS She gave me  whole bunch of very beautiful Indie Polishes. This one especially…..

This is SERIOUSLY nice gift from Shawna!

This is SERIOUSLY a nice gift from Shawna!

Can you guess why??? LOL