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I received this amazing kit from Preen.Me in the mail yesterday. As part of the #PreenMeVIP program.

Well I couldn’t wait to start playing with the amazing color selection that came in it!



Well for some reason, I decided that since this is a gel like lacquer, maybe I would have better luck doing water marbling with it than I do with regular polish! (I find that the polish dries out too quick for me-I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it is not something I excel at!!!)

Infinite Shine came with instructions that you use the Infinite Shine PRIMER, then 2 coats of LACQUER, (wait 2 minutes between color coats), and finish with GLOSS.

Since I was doing water marbling and it took a little while to add all the drops of alternating color to the water, I didn’t worry too much about waiting the two minutes.

I applied a thin coat of cuticle oil around my nail to aid in removal of the excess lacquer on my skin. (If you have ever water marbled, you know what I mean!)



I really like the way that this turned out! And I believe that my original thought was correct. Because it is not like regular lacquer, I had greater success in manipulating the Infinite Shine while it was in the water. I also found that it seemed to “suck right down” to the PRIMER base coat!

Cleaning up around the cuticles also seemed easier. I am not sure if it is because I put cuticle oil around or if the chemical make up of the product is just easier to clean.

Inifinite Shine Water Marble by Seriously Nails

Infinite Shine Water Marble by Seriously Nails

Pictured here is before I added some finishing touches using Infinite Shine as a “art supply”. I added some dots to the areas that seemed like they could use a little something something!

#Infinite Shine

#Infinite Shine after the finishing touches!

Now, included in the instructions were specifics about using Infinite Shine on artificial enhancements like I wear. They state to use a 100/180 grit file, dust, cleanse and then proceed as directed for natural nails. I must have been in a rush (like usual!) and only used the 100 grit side because after I let the lacquer dry and applied the GLOSS top coat, it dried to a bit of a bumpy surface.

My first coat of GLOSS

My first coat of GLOSS

So I added a second one and it turned out fine. So, please remember if you are using Infinite Shine on acrylics, make sure you buff them with the 180 grit side before proceeding with the application.

Infinite Shine Water Marble with product from Preen.Me

Infinite Shine Water Marble with product from Preen.Me

#PreenMeVIP program