So I have been in the business long enough to see things come back around. Some of which I am not so crazy about and some that I am super happy to see back around!

One of them is Glitter acrylic powder. Call me a “Vegas Chick” but I love glitter in acrylic! The depth you get out of it!

When I was in Orlando at Premiere Orlando Beauty show, I attended a Nail Tech Networking Event and received many goodies in my special edition bag that was given to all attendees.

Outside the convention center for Premier Orlando

Outside the convention center for Premier Orlando


One of the packages was from EZ Flow. Man I got excited when I looked in there! Inside were three Glitter Acrylics from the Boogie Nights “Paradise Cove'” collection!


Rain for Days


There were three little containers filled with sparkly and exciting glitter acrylics. ‘Rain for Days’ reminds me of a warm crystal blue Caribbean sea with sparkly bits of hidden treasure in it.

The pictures below give a better idea of what the true colors are. ‘Feather Fantasy’ is a gold based glitter with plenty of multi dimensional glitter chunks in tangerine, copper, peach and just the right amount of blue/green hued chunks.

Feathered Fantasy

Feathered Fantasy

‘Lush’ is exactly that. Lush with rich purple round and straight glitter chunks. Also with the blue/green opalish glitter chunks!



There are actually three more colors in the collection that I only have small pics of and little descriptions but you can find out more about them at http://www.ezflow.com/

I couldn’t actually find the Paradise Cove collection on the website but it gives you a good start.

I thought it would look great to give you a micro shot my French Mani

French mani done with 'Rain for Days'

French mani done with ‘Rain for Days’

As well as a outdoor picture with a regular lens and in the sunlight!

Outdoor shot of my French Mani using 'Rain for Days' Glitter acrylic from EZ Flow

Outdoor shot of my French Mani using ‘Rain for Days’ Glitter acrylic from EZ Flow

Kind of blurry but you can see the effect of the chunky glitter! LOVE that this is one of the things that I got to see come back into being in the nail world.

What do you think? Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Shannon :)