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Hi there,

I know that you may have seen my favorite nail art tool on previous posts but I wanted to share with you a really cool way I finally figured out how to use it.

I traditionally wore it on my thumb and had it turned slightly askew so I could dip into it and still navigate around my clients fingers.

Pictured below is the original way!


The Ring thing how I used it originally!

The Ring Thing & how I used it originally!

Some times it was awkward to use around my clients thumb. I would have to make a little adjustment. Not that this should be a issue, but you know that when you are under a time crunch, those little things matter.

So I figured out to try it in the palm of my hand! That way it is always in the same spot and it is actually easier to get at the products in the little wells!


My new improved way to use my Ring Thing!

I thought I would share in case any of you fine folks were finding it sometimes awkward!

You can find The Ring Thing at http://www.empowernailart.com/shop/ring-thing/