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In the 1950’s the fashionable color trend for nails was red, with the moon left free of polish. This is now called a “Moonicure”



The best way that I have seen to achieve this is by using the reinforcers that we used to use with our binder paper. You know the ones that you would use to fix the page that you accidentally ripped out of your binder!

Picture courtesy of www.rockabillyruby.co.uk

moonicure 1

Apply the reinforcer to cover the “moon” portion of your nail.Then simply polish over your complete nail. The reinforcer will keep the polish off of your “moon” area and the look of a moonicure is easily achieved.

Here’s the interesting bit. In the 1950’s, when you would break a nail you could bring your broken nail into your manicurist and they would re-attach it using airplane glue and bits of cotton strands!


Now the weird part, human nail clippings were used to add length to nails. Clients either brought in their own to use or the tech would use some from the “nail bank”.

moonicure 2

Nail Banks consisted of donated nails from the nail technicians customer base…..YUCK!!!!!!!

Who said being beautiful was easy!!!

I, for one, am really happy with the advancement of nail enhancements!

Happy Monday everyone!