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In the early years of my career in the nail industry, one of the hot things to have on your nails were “nail bolts” and “nail charms”.

Both “nail bolts” and “nail charms” required a “drill” to create a hole in your nail that you either put the bolt through or the ring for your charm.

I am currently obsessed with the re-emergence of nail charms. I found this one while at IBS Las Vegas from a company called SNS!

Nail Charms from Sammys Nail Studio

Nail Charms from Sammy’s Nail Studio

I am wearing acrylic nails that painted with gold lacquer and added some sparkly elements from Young Nails while my nails were wet. As well as gold leaf to match my other nails. Then I added Swarovski crystals with Bling On (Akzentz)

What do you think?


Picture taken in my car! NO I was not driving at the time! LOL

Oh, I added some extra bling to the charm using Bling On as well. Gotta have some sprarkle!