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This Girly Bits holo polish is just one of those that you can do anything with. After I did the nails you saw on yesterdays post, I got to thinking that this color could be perfect for winter wedding nails. But with a twist!


The first idea that popped into my head was this:

PicsArt_1441669264420I already had the color on so I simply sculpted some tiny flower petals out of light blue and white acrylic powder.

I did them on a piece of removal wrap (tin foil would work as well!) and let them dry.

PicsArt_1441669417476Then I used acrylic paint and a small brush to create swirls on my pointer finger.


Once that was dry, I used a “blob” of clear acrylic to place my petals into. I kept them lifted a little off of the nail so that it had some dimension to it. Once that was set into place, I used a drop of nail glue in the center of he flower and placed in a light blue rhinestone.

Voila, simple and pretty winter wedding nails.


What do you think?