So, I am doing some Halloween inspired nail art and thought I would share with you a stamping challenge that I had , as well as the final result.

I wanted to do some negative space with stamping art. All was going fine until I stamped over the same spot twice! YIKES!




Well, not really because I think that with art you can pretty much fix anything. Especially since this is more abstract art.

Let’s begin. I started with a long super pointed tip and painted a base of white, then orange. Once that was good and dry, I attached some paper reinforcements on the spots where I wanted the negative space to be. Then, I stamped (rather quickly-oops)

Step 1 of my Halloween nail art

Step 1 of my Halloween nail art


I removed the reinfrocement tabs to revel the negative space.

orange 2

Remove the tabs

Since there were spots that I missed because I stamped so fast (I should have rolled the stamper around the tip), I ended up with some blank spaces that needed to be filled in.

Next step was to use black acrylic paint to perfect the look of the stamping.

orange 3

Black acrylic to perfect the stamping

I still had the large black spot on the top of the tip, so I used some colors gems to disguise my mistake and the add more dimension to the nail tip.



Here is the finished nail. Happy dizzy-ing Halloween folks! LOL

orange last

Finished nail!

I will post the complete set soon!