I think we can all agree with the fact that the nail industry needed a machine like this!


image from www.proshaker.com

When Gel Color came on the scene, drastically changing the landscape of nail technology, it came with some challenges.

One of them being the fact that as a nail tech, we would have to shake the “heck” out of the gel color bottles to prevent things like “shrinking” or streaking. (Which is actually caused by the clear gel and the color pigments being separated in the bottle.)

I, for one, was ecstatic to find the Pro Shaker. I describe it as being loosely based on the same principal as the paint shaker at the hardware store. Only in a smaller version.

How this machine works is, you insert your inverted bottle of gel color (and this machine fits MOST bottles) in the holder and secure it with the top part of the holder . Push the little red button on the back and it will shake your bottle of gel color for a 60 second duration. If you want to stop the process sooner, simply press the little red button again.

image from www.proshaker.com

image from www.proshaker.com

Take your bottle out, and let it settle for a minute and then proceed with your service.

Simple right? Right! Well, I will be honest. My machine decided to take a break. What actually happened was the little red button broke and my husband hard wired it with a external switch for me. No problems.

And I heard some one say that hers starting having a hard time getting going. Like the engine was tired. But, happily, once it “warmed up”, away it went!

I am very happy to report introduce the Pro Shaker 2.0!!!! 

Two very important changes!

  1. The RED membrane switch has been replaced with a new switch from a different vendor, so no more of that problem!
  2. The MOTOR was replaced with a “all steel” model! The gears from the gear box are now machined steel instead of the molded metal powder! So no more getting warmed up!
  3. The third thing that I am happy to tell you is that it is available from www.proshaker.com for $99.95 including shipping!

I have heard from nail techs that this machine is like making a investment in their future. One gal said that all her joint and muscle pain from shaking gel color day in and day out was alleviated once she got her Pro Shaker!

Check out the website or talk with other techs about having to shake their way through the day! I think this is a much better idea!!!!