I get asked how I end up getting featured in Nails Magazine. One of the ways is to create a profile in their Nail Art Gallery, and then post your nail art. I try to do it as often as I can and that way the chances of the post being used is greater!

Following is a example of a tutorial that I did in Nail Art Gallery. This tutorial was not featured and you don’t have to do a tutorial, just post a good picture of your art.

It is also a great place to follow other artists that catch your eye. The magazine also sends out emails to let you know what is new in the gallery!

From a previous post and available on Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery, here is a step by step of the Sharpie Nail Art I did!

Let me know what you think. Would you use this in your nail art practice?

You can create your own profile by going to http://nailartgallery.nailsmag.com/signup

Outlined Sharpie Nail Art - Nail Art Gallery