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It’s a funny thing that when you really get into seeing the world through different eyes, it can lead to a lot of great inspirations!

Here are a few of mine recently.

2016-04-30 12.11.01

Yes, they are tomatoes but look at the cool design inside them!

And of course some Swarovski® crystal bling sandles.

look havanesse crystal flip flops

This is from a wine bottle (I have no idea why I would be any where near a wine bottle! lol)

2016-04-02 16.30.25

And here is a plant in my office that when the leaves died they got this really cool shade to them.

2016-05-02 17.33.36

I would not have thought to put brown with that shade of pinkish purple.

2016-05-02 17.33.28

What do you think? Do you have some cool, different inspirations to share with me?