Some interesting facts about nails.

Healthy natural nails grow about 1/10th of a inch every month, but nails grow faster in the summer than the winter. I always say, “we are like flowers, sun and good temperatures makes us grow faster!”

And pregnant women will grow nails faster than people who are not pregnant. Especially in the third trimester. Hormones are quite the little devils. (As if we didn’t already know that one! Ha!)


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Children’s nails will grow much faster than older people.nails

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And our toe nails grow slower but are strong than our fingernails!Healthy-Toenails-Color





Healthy natural nails are firm, flexible, shiny and little bit pink. (This from the blood vessels in the nail bed.)

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They are smooth, and are spot and lump free.natural looking nails

Our nails are actually porous and allow water to pass through them. Natural nails contain between 15-25% water! Even though they appear to be dry. This is what keeps them flexible. Stock-exchange-Woman-soaking-feet-at-spa-4-21-12 If, heaven forbid, you end up with some type of nail injury you can expect your fingernails to grow off in approximately 4-6 months, and toe nails renew themselves in approximately 9-12 months.

Nail disorders and diseases of the nail range from minor to sometimes being quite painful. That is for a future post though!