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Beauty Changes Lives is a foundation formed to help the betterment of the beauty industry by supporting the next generation of beauty professionals through scholarships.

There is a movement started (kind of like the ice bucket challenge) where profesionals give a “tip” on how to make transitioning into or being in the beauty industry better or easier.

Of course cash for the scholarships are always welcome.

People from all over are giving their tips and nominating their peers to help spread the word that “BEAUTY CHANGES LIVES”

Here is a qoute from @flueryrose

I support @beautychangeslives because it gives scholarships to aspiring beauty professionals who might otherwise not be able to afford to go to school.

She nominated Sigourney Nunez, who nominated myself and some other wonderful industry people.

So here you are, my #scholartip for Beauty Changes Lives.


I should note that although I said ‘this nail industry’, I believe it applies to all in our wonderful field of beauty.

“Invest in yourself to elevate our industry”

And here is a bit of info from their site for the folks I nominate or if you want to start your own ‘circle’!


Success requires more than money, so share your words of wisdom too. If you knew then, what you know now… What words of advice would you offer up to the next generation of beauty and wellness professionals? Share your “ScholarTips” on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags#ScholarTips and #IGAVEATIP. Videos strongly encouraged!


You can also visit their site at www.beautychangeslives.org

First I want to nominate Chelsea Baart, Lyle Malapit, and Hillary Fry! Then, I am hoping to make this global by nominating Marian Newman! Haha, Tag your it! Let’s make this happen.

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