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I know there has been a lot of talk in the industry in regards to the use of chrome pigments and holo pigments. I am not here to agree or disagree with any ones view, but to mention the upside of my testing out chrome and holo pigments.

The one thing that these trends have made me realize is that your work has to be PERFECT! Not even the slightest dip or bump can be left on the nail or it looks like, well, you know!!!

Let’s look at the line of light on this nail.


line of light shows bump in nail!

line of light shows a depression in nail!

And the other thing that I learned, by error, is that if you use a certain no wipe top coat to create the look, you have to use it on all fingers. I did some repairs after I saw my line of light was off and I used a different no wipe top coat. Both work just fine, but I did get different colors out of them! Same base color and holo pigments.


Very slight, but one looks more silver than gold! Good to know for the future. Whether to keep your mani looking perfect or to use it for a different effect!

That’s what I found the be the upside of chrome/holo nails. It makes you do better work!!!!