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When I first went to nail school in Canada in 1989, my course was 10 days long and cost $450.00! Yup, no licensing and I only learned acrylic nails.


All the other things I had to learn at trade shows and on my own! Licensing did come into play a bit later but then disappeared again. But, hey, that is a different blog post.

I always thought my instructor was so smart because she would make us practice acrylic liquid to powder ratio’s on a piece of paper covered in a protective clear sheet.

I have encouraged students to to the same thing, especially while sitting in school waiting for clients to come in.

I thought it was a good idea to share that you can find these on line, some are free to print as well.

This one is from a image of Tammy Taylor’s sheet that she uses to teach acrylics. Some good advice (a little bit of older terminology but you get the idea!)


Don’t sit staring at the walls while learning to do acrylic. It really is all about practice and getting a good feel for the proper amount of liquid to powder ratio. Also, how long that particular bead of acrylic will stay pliable enough for you to sculpt.

The other thing to remember when doing your own enhancements, do your pinkie on your non dominant hand first, then your other pinkie, then your ring fingers ect and move that way. It teaches you dexterity, and your brain will remember how much liquid needs to be in the brush for each fingernail size as well.

Happy tuesday.