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I got this press release and am very curious about how it will help nails be stronger.

New from CND (available in January 2017) this Shellac Duraforce® top coat is said to add 25% more strength to help clients with weak nails.duraforce-top-coat-25oz-with-carton

Without having tried it, my guess is that it is a strong, more resiliant top coat to add more protection to the top of the nail. I am reaching out to see if it is thicker and what the cure times are as well.

So as of now, it looks like a tease to let us know it is coming. I will ask for a sample and let you know when I test it out.

Available in two sizes, .25 ounce and larger size .50 ounce (can I get a hurrah!!!)


They also say that soak off is 15 minutes using “Offly Fast” moisturizing remover!

Stay tuned for more info on this little gem.