I have been gone from here for  awhile! I have had some great things happening for me.

My husband and I live in Las Vegas, where he owned a Hotel Furniture Liquidation company. He recently sold the company and we have been busy making plans to move even further south to Scottsdale AZ!

2017-01-22 17.46.56

There is such warmth in the Arizona sunsets!

I can’t tell you how happy we are to be moving and starting another new chapter in our lives!

I have a couple of things that I want to write about and will do so as soon as I get my office and salon cleared out and ready to be shipped south.

Thank you for your patience.


PS. I still have the tickets for HRTE Phoenix and the Tony Ly Acrylic class being held this Feb 25 -27, 2017. I understand that registration is only open for another month, so let’s jump on these tickets. (Darn work getting in the way of my nail fun!)