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I seem to have fallen in a little bit of lust with nude colors right now! I say a little because I just don’t see myself as being a quite beige kinda gal.

I think I found a way to wear a nude and still rock my little bit of attitude!

I started with Opi’s Gel Color in “Bubble Bath” The regular routine of base, two coats, top coat with a 30 second cure in between each layer. Remove the moist surface residue and let the FUN begin!

The tools to do my tattoo’d nail art. Black acrylic paint, Sephora’s X Formula lacquer in “Reactive” and a very small stylus.








I applied the “Reactive” in a french manicure style to the tips of all my nails.






Then once that was dried, I applied the acrylic paint using the stylus. The design followed the basic line of the french polish.



The flowers are fairly easy to do. You need a bit of patience. (So this was a good exercise for me!)tattoo_marked

You apply the paint in a circular pattern to create the flower effect and then fill in the spaces between with dots of paint.

I did a statement nail on my ring finger. I painted the whole nail with “Reactive” and then did a larger array of flowers from top to bottom.








I like it because I get the “nude” look with a bit of glitz and then the drama of the dark flowers!