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A little bit of Hawaii can’t hurt in these cooler months.

Although I still have tomatoes growing in my garden here in Las Vegas, it is getting colder. Snow on the mountains the last couple of days. It is really pretty but I felt like I needed a little Hawaiian break.


Making Hawaiian flowers is quite easy. Acrylic paint and a stylus is all you need for these fun little bits of nail art.


Step by step for you. I used a nail palette because I just did my tattoo’d nails and am still enjoying them.

You can start with a colored nail or do this art on a natural nail as well.

To start, just dip your stylus into your acrylic color of choice. I used orange and yellow for the flowers and some white to accent them.

Start by making a triangle.


Then just keep adding them until you have formed a complete circle.








I wanted a plethora of flowers so I added some to the sides as well.


Then I added the yellow ones.


Then using the yellow, I accented the orange flowers.


I used white to accent the yellow ones.






Next some leaves of green using a wooden cuticle stick and green acrylic paint.


A flash of sparkle with a dark green gem stone.








And top coat to seal it all in and add some shine to the acrylic paint.HF11_markedMakes me almost feel the warm breeze from the oceans in Hawaii! !