I can’t tel you how many times in my career as a nail technician when I have plead with my clients to NOT bite their nail enhancements!

“Please, Mrs. Jones, if your bust your nail, just file it and call me! I will squeeze you in for the repair!”


Too, too many times to count!

The reason that we ask you not to rip your enhancement off is that the more you rip/bite/pull off your nail enhancements, the harder it is for the product to adhere!

Simply put, our nails are made of mamy layers of cells including the protien keratin. (Just like our skin and hair, but in a harder form).

When we continually rip/bit/pull our artificial nails off, we take off layers of the protective keratin protein that our body naturally builds for us to protect our fingertips! Our nails.

Once that happens, the enhancements have a harder time making a good connection with our natural nail. The  part that is left behind from where we ripped/bit/pulled off is now the weak link in the marriage of our nails and the enhancement.RGNWDF2queenofpoepp.blogspot.com

This will continue to cause the artificial to lift. This is for some folks where the whole thing starts all over again.crazy-circle



They see a lift and they can’t help but ripping/biting/pulling off the nail enhancement.

Another problem can arise from this self defeating behavior. At a certain point the natural nail becomes so weak that it will actually lift off the natural nail bed.

NOT a good thing. Once there is a separation of the natural nail bed and the natural nail, it is like opening a door for bacteria to enter our system. Just like a cut.


And the problem can be accentuated when the customer wears dark polish and works with chemical or does a lot of hand washing.

Bacteria loves to live in dark, warm and moist places. Just like under your natural nails, under dark polish and with  some moisture.

This of course is a extreme example (although one I have seen before) but it is in your best interest to leave your artificial nails to the care of your professional nail technician.


Do yourself a favor! If it is broken, either file it down, or call your technician. Let them fix it properly! It will maintain the health of your natural nail so that you can enjoy your lovely enhancements for years to come.