Best Nail Show ?????


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You may have heard rumblings about a new nail show in Las Vegas. You may have heard it will even be this year!

Well, here is the low down on the event that all us south westerners are looking forward to.

Best Nail Show Las Vegas is coming


Oct 28th to the 30th of 2017.

Being held at the M Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.


I think this will be great venue. The M Resort is beautiful and has all that Las Vegas has to offer with food, lovely accommodations,and gambling but is far enough off the main strip so there isn’t a lot of distractions. But close enough that if you want to go to the center of the action, it is very do-able!!

And true to any good trade show there is a mix and mingle to help every one get to know each other.


As soon as I know more information about pricing ect, I will let you all know.

NAHA 2017

I have to pleasure to let you know that once again this year, my fellow Nails Mastered Alumni and Crystal Culture Stylist, Hillary Fry, has made the finals for NAHA 2017!


Here is one of the final images that Hillary submitted that got her to the finals! Such good work. Meticulous as always.

Seasonal Opulence
NAHA 2017 Nails category
Photo 1: Salon Style

Creative Direction
& Nails – Hillary Fry
Photography – Deen Wanek
Makeup – Gosia Gorniak
Hair – Wade Lee Richards
Model – Joanna Bajena

To view the complete list of finalist, the following video from NAHA shows us all the wonderful talent. Some from my new home state of Arizona.

Congratulations to all who became finalists!

I am looking into seeing if it will be televised again this year. I’ll let you know.


Help needed!


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As a educator, I am asking for your help. Could you please tell me what was the best class you ever took. (Although this is a nail related question, any great class you have taken works)

What made it great? Do you like to see demo’s, be lectured, hands on? How important are visuals to you? Do you like and use handouts or do they end up in a big pile? As a freelance nail stylist/educator, I am trying to develop the BEST class you nail techs! I appreciate your help.

What about the venue? Is class size important to you? Do you like to be able to talk with the educator afterwards?

2017-05-15 11.56.32

I am working with a group of motivated nail techs in Arizona and I am trying to find the best way to share knowledge to help elevate our industry!

You can email me at with any comments or ideas.

Thank you.

Updated Nails


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The other day, I posted my nails and felt like they needed a little something extra….


So, I cut up some more of my shine-y gift bag and added it to just a couple of my nails.

2017-05-12 11.44.05_edited

I think it makes them look more cohesive. What are your thoughts?

OK, I’m off to meet and greet with my @arizonanailtechniciannetwork!

Unusual Supplies


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The other day, I had some pretty plain nails.

2017-05-02 09.49.50

And I was feeling a little mellow so I put some Bubble Bath Gel Color from OPI on them.

But the hue was a little too pink for my liking. Then I remembered the other day that I had some mineral makeup that I had bought, like 3 years ago, and my little mind started to work. I wondered if the makeup I had would give the Gel Color that fun iridescent look that is so hot right now. Almost like a mirror finish.2017-05-07 16.06.50

So, I tried them all over a clear gel coat to see what might happen. I decided to use the one with the least amount of color in the pigment and I am happy with the final color is gave my nails.


Then, I remembered that I had this cool gift bag that had a great shimmer and shine to it. Again my mind went into over drive and I thought…..
2017-05-07 16.21.30

Hey, lets cut that bag up and make it into slivers of the bag to put into gel on my nails!

2017-05-07 16.28.12 Marian Newman, from London and who I learned from during Nails Mastered said that you should always gather unusual things because you never know what kind of cool art it might become!!!

I added some different sized and colored Swarovski crystals to it and then filled in some of the gaps with Crystal Pixie by Swarovski and this is the final look! I did my thumb on the other hand.

2017-05-10 10.05.52

I’m not too sure I’m finished with these nails. They seem like they are missing something.

So, take Marian’s advice like I did and gather those strange things that may not have been designed for nail art because you never really know when inspiration is going to hit!


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